Virginia’s Story… through a teacher’s eyes

Today’s post is a very special treat.  A good friend and former teacher at one of the Compassion projects in Brazil has very graciously written for us today concerning her experiences with Compassion.  My friend Virginia is from Brazil but now lives, ironicaly, in Virgina 🙂 with her husband Warren. 


Virginia and Warren are the Grown-Ups in this photo, taken in Contagem at the Compassion project, 2004

My name is Virginia G. Reid. I worked as an Elementary school teacher in a project sponsored by Compassion International, Learning the Way Institute that was part of Esmeralda Campello Foundation, in Contagem- Brasil, for nearly 4 years.

That was my best job experience so far. It was not simply a job. It was a mission and I had opportunity to minister the word of God into the lives of many children and teens that lived in poor conditions materially, emotionally and spiritually. Many of them came to us broken and hurt because of tragic situations in their lives, like one of my students, a little boy-9 years old, who had watched his mom being murdered by one of his uncles. It was really rewarding to see how the lives of those children and their families were touched and changed by the power of the word of God and the love and knowledge they received from all the teachers at our school. They were taught all the common subjects of P-K and elementary school and had arts and crafts, dance lessons, sports and were fed in the Word Of God through devotionals, Bible study and along with anything that was taught in the school. They also had all the meals and snack for the day offered by the project and in most cases, that was the only meal they would have until they came back to school the next day.

The Compassion Sponsorship program was really a blessing in those children’s lives. All the donations the sponsors made were to maintain the children in the project, being shaped, nurtured and receiving an opportunity of better future without cost for them or their families, who would never be able to offer them anything like they had there.

The children felt extremely special having the sponsors that lived in another part of the world but cared so much for them, even being far away. They were so thrilled to read their letters and answer them. They would keep their sponsors pictures with so much care and would pray for them every chance they had.

In some occasions we had sponsors visiting their sponsor child in the school. They would bring them presents, visit their community and family. It was always a unique moment for the children who met their beloved sponsors, and for the sponsors who could really see how much he was touching the little one’s life.

I really encourage all of you who have been considering being a sponsor to do so. You’ll be contributing to the expansion of the kingdom of God transforming the lives of the children and their families that are really precious in our Father’s sight. You can help transform a life for ever, for we are investing not only in here and now, but in eternity!

In my last conversation with the little boy who lost his mom, he said: ” I want to be like Jesus and live the happy life he has for me”.

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  1. Allen Taylor says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Allen Taylor

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