Jessica and Guy’s Story…

Jessica and Guy Goddard are our small group leaders. For the Goddard’s childsponsorship is a family affair!

The Goddard Family…It really started in El Salvador

By: Jessica Goddard

Guy and I met on a mission trip to Guatemala where we had the amazing opportunity to visit and help construct a student center where children were sponsored through Compassion International. Guy had already sponsored a little girl named Ana Lidia from El Salvador through Compassion and so when we decided to get married she became my little girl too!

Since our marriage in May of 2004, our family has grown quite rapidly. We now have 3 children of our own and 3 more Compassion Kids as well…That makes 7! Mission trips have always been a passion for both Guy and for me, but since we have our 3 little ones, traveling outside Leesburg, let alone the country is challenging. Sponsoring children around the world is our way of being part of The Great Commission for this season of life. We are looking forward to the day when we can share with our own children the calling God has for us to help those in need and maybe even take them on a mission trip.

Currently we sponsor Ana Lidia from El Salvador. She is 11 years old. Angel from Guatemala. He is 6 years old. Maria from Nicaragua. She is 9 years old. Lonadis from Nicaragua. His is 7 years old.

We treat the children we sponsor like they are part of our family. We have pictures of our Compassion Kids up on the cork board in the kitchen right along side of our other family photos.  This reminds us to remember them and pray for them every day.  It is great to share our lives together and we exchange photographs and drawings often. God has really blessed our lives through sponsoring these children!

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