Mandy’s Story

Today we hear how a mission trip to Thailand turned into a lasting friendship with a little boy named Samuel.  Read on to discover how child sponsorship has impacted the life of a friend of mine from Frontline‘s Global Impact Ministry.  

My Valentine

By Manda Hamilton
I received a very special valentine this year!  It wasn’t from a boyfriend, fiance or husband, but it was definitely the next best thing–a special young man in my life!  It was from my sponsored child in Thailand, Samuel!


About 10 years ago, God put it on my heart to thank Him for each promotion/new job by sponsoring a child.  The 5 children and 1 family I now sponsor are constant reminders of His career blessings in my life. 
I sponsored my first 4 children and the family through World Vision.  I enjoy getting reports and pictures from them and sharing our lives through letters. 
Last February, the Lord led me to start my own company, Cascades Advisory Group.  I was so busy with my business and preparing to co-lead a mission team to Thailand that I forgot my promise to God to sponsor another child in honor of the launch of my company.  On the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand, my oversight hit me like a lead balloon, and I resolved to choose another child to sponsor as soon as I could.
As the trip went on, and we visited many orphanages, the dream of actually meeting my next sponsored child became more real.  I wanted to make sure that I agreed with how the organization was raising the children and how they would spend the money I would give.  When our team visited Faithful Heart, I knew I had found the next organization with which to partner.  Samuel stole my heart by drawing me pictures and smiling mischievously.  What a highlight of my trip–I got to meet my sponsored child!!
I’ve been sponsoring Samuel since my trip to Thailand.  Sponsorship through Faithful Heart fully supports the child.  The money I give monthly sends him to school, pays for his share of food/rent, buys his supplies and clothes, provides medical care, etc.  Faithful Heart is also teaching him about God, with daily house devotions and serving to others. 


Sponsoring has given me a way to tangibly honor the Lord for His blessings while blessing others. It has also filled a place in my heart that hasn’t yet been filled with children of my own.  Valentines are a bonus!

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  1. ukrainiac says:

    What a great reminder of God’s blessings in your life!

  2. Nathan says:

    Some great stories on you blog. Thanks for checking out the blog, and that is a cool video.


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