Shabot Shalom my family!

We are checking in with you today from the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  There have been so many amazing experiences, its difficult to know where to begin.  But as I pray that the Lord would guide me, I feel that this is the message he wants me to communicate to you first.

Our bus driver and tour guide are Ethan and Pilar, respectively.  Pilar is originally  from Spain but now lives in Jerusalem and is a Jewish Christian! Ethan is born and raised in Israel, and we didnt know if he believed in Jesus as we do until today.  I actually just asked Brian if he knew how Ethan believed, he did not, but as if Ethan read our minds he began asking Brian, Kailea and me questions about our faith.  His first question was most interesting to me, he asked if American churches received financial support from the government.  Wow.  After a 1 minute lesson on separation of church and state, Ethan looked amazed to learn that the American churches are supported by the tithes and offering of the members.  I could tell he is still chewing on that one.  Then he asked how people become pastors.  Kai told him about God’s calling and that people are called to different types of ministries.  Brian talked a little about his experience taking seminary classes. Then he asked the question of all questions:  How are you different from me?  What is the difference between Jews and Christians we are the same, right?

Wow.  brian explained how Christians believe that Jesus is God’s son, the Messiah. Kai asked him who he would say that Jesus was, and he said he didn’t know, he hadn’t really thought about it.  This surprises me as he is the bus driver for tours through Israel that pretty much focus entirely on Jesus!  Our conversation was cut short because it was time for the bus to leave and Ethan had to drive.  But he said he wants to talk about this more with us.

Please pray for Ethan!!  Pray that God would help him understand who Jesus is, and that God would use us to help Ethan on his own spiritual journey.

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