Quick Takes

This is going to be a short post, but I landed on a couple of cool new sites that I wanted to share.

NEED Magazine

This magazine is about humanitarian relief efforts around the globe. I think this is such a cool idea. I see that they accept submissions, maybe I will send in a story about some of the things we’ve seen in Central America or Southeast Asia.


IN 1998, as a junior in college, I attended Passion… a conference for college students who are passionate about Jesus, knowing him and making his name known. Its amazing to see how Passion has grown over the years. I went to Passion 98, Passion 99, One Day, and 2 regional events in D.C. I am so happy to see that God is taking Passion world wide. The Passion Blog has great photos and stories about the events. I am especially excited to see that they are heading to Jakarta in August! I will definitely be praying for them this summer.

Grace is the Difference

This is my husband’s blog. I am so proud of him for stepping out into the blog world! He has several good posts up already… go check him out!

Happy Monday


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