Prayer Requests

Hi friends-  I imagine that we could really use your prayers right now.  If you would like to have a list of specifics to pray through, please click here.

But at this point I ask that you would say a prayer for patient endurance for each member of our team  Pray that we are supernaturally well rested, energetic, and in good health.  Ask God to remind us of our team verse: Stand firm, Give yourself FULLY to the work of the Lord for your labor for the Lord is not in vein.

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  1. Holly says:

    Hey girly
    Been praying some big prayers for you all! I have some great verses I’ve been praying for you, but they’re at the hotel, so will post them for you tonight!!
    Col 4:2-3 and 5-6 come to mind and Jeremiah 17:7. Praying for you!

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