In the words of Napoleon Dynomite…..


Guess the vlogs were not a good idea since I some how had all of them marked PRIVATE.  Duh.

In London at Hethrow dreading the jet lag I will have when I get home.  Flight doesn’t depart until 11:30 am London Time.   Have lots of time to kill and not enough pounds to spend on this internet access. 

I had to ask an old guy next to me how many penct equal a pound.  he looks at me like I am nuts and says “100”

First day back at internet and I am already batting 1000. Brian is pretty sick.  He got really sick the last night of Safari…mom, it was like last Christmas.  He wanted to go to the hospital again but there isnt one in the Mara. Thank GOd for Susan and her phenagryn tablets.  He is better, already back to being a study nerd. 

I guess you want to hear about the trip.  It was amazing.  Most challenging experience of my life.  I was also sick the whole time.  I am very allergic to dust and Kenya is the most dusty place on earth.  Im feeling better now though. 

This is such stream of consciousness typing.  I only have  2 minutes remaining on my purchase of internet time. 

So I guess I will go.  In short: the trip was amazing.  Africa is enchanting.  I have alot to  process.   and I have 30 seconds remaining.

see you later today.

peace out

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:

    Awwww don’t kill yourself. You had bigger things to occupy your mind than posting vlogs 😉

    See you when you get back!

  2. Karin says:

    We have missed you guys and are continuing to pray for you and the team and your work in Kenya. Thank you for your hearts and your service. We cannot wait to hear stories in detail. Fun times. Hoping you both recover fully and quickly. Much love.

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