Ryan’s Thoughts on Africa and the Global Church

Well, since I can’t seem to get it together and blog about my experiences in Africa, I thought I would point all interested parties to a friend of mine who is blogging and learning so much from a recent mission trip he participated with to Rwanda, Africa.

Ryan Spilhaus is the MBC Future Leader on the team I lead here at the church. He recently traveled to Rwanda with the other Future Leaders on a mission trip with World Relief. Our church is in our 3rd year of a 5 year partnership with World Relief, and our Future Leaders had the chance to work alongside the churches we partner with in Rwanda for 2 weeks in February.

Ryan posted some reflections about his experience on his blog, and I am so encouraged by what he wrote. It’s so refreshing to read what he is learning following his first time out of the country, and his first exposure to the global body of Christ.

I hope you enjoy his thoughts, and if you like what you read, be sure to subscribe or follow him. He has good ideas!

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