GRACE: We take it from God but not from eachother

Lately, I have been thinking alot about grace.

I am SO THANKFUL for the grace I have from God.  I am surprised all the time that He gives me so much grace because I know how much I DO NOT deserve it.

However, what I have been thinking about lately is grace that we, as the body, have with eachother.

Today I made a quick comment on twitter that has kinda stuck with me all day.  “We cant make everyone happy all the time.  We all know this so when someone makes us unhappy lets all have a little grace with each other.”

Do you agree?  Are you guilty?

I am.

There is one certain person in my world that I have not been giving ANY grace. I have very high expectations of this person and I have been very disappointed by the persons actions, unavailability, and unawareness of me.

Then, in 48 hours, I realize I have unintentionally slighted several people.  I have made others feel exactly how this person is making me feel.  It was NOT intentional.  I feel that I am doing the best I can.  And I feel like I am giving all I can give.  But its never enough because there is always someone who gets left out, whose call isnt returned, whose email is acknowledged, whose blog isnt commented on , whose meeting is missed or rescheduled, or unable to happen at all because the timing is BAD and so forth.  Someone inevitably gets  ruffled in the process and  I go forward carrying a HUGE amount of guilt, that may or may not be my burden to bear.

Then I think back to the person in my life who I feel slighted by, who doesnt acknowledge me or my work or my passions or my efforts and dare I say my existence ….. and I think of ALL the people who I have upset as of late….. and all I know is that I need to have a little grace for the person in MY life who needs to receive Grace from me.

Thank you Lord, for helping me see the error of my ways.  Please forgive me for hurting others, even if it was VERY unintentional.  Please help me to have grace for others who hurt me, and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. melissa says:

    I read you blog, I just don’t comment;-)

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