The Bright Side of Home Improvement

{Re-post from my Daily Bright Side Blog}

Whew! What a hectic weekend! We were in home improvement mode on Friday and Saturday and managed to have 3 new appliances installed, a new stove hood installed, a new wood panel on the window between the kitchen and living area to hide the new hood, some sawing and woodwork on our cabinets so that our new fridge would fit, a new faucet for the kitchen sink, new paint in the bathroom, and a new toilet thanks to the work of these two handy-men…


We were incredibly blessed by our friends Scott and Melissa who helped us through all these projects. Scott is super knowledgeable in the Do It Yourself home improvement world and graciously lent his talents and his tools to help Brian with the heavy lifting. Melissa was so sweet to cook dinner for us. She did all the prep work at her house and brought the food over to our place to cook since our kitchen was out of commission most of Saturday and the boys were still working at suppertime. If it were not for them we would not have completed the work this weekend.

So today’s daily bright side is actually a 3-day bright side for friendship and help with home improvements.

Thanks Scott and Melissa!!

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