The Bright Side of Monday: Frontline Arlington

I go to church on Mondays. This is really good for me because I work at a church. Going to church on Mondays lets me have a day off on Sunday. It also lets me worship in a different building than the one where I go to work each day. But the best part about church on Mondays is the chill vibe and incredible community at my church – Frontline Arlington.

We are a generational church composed primarily of 20-30 somethings in the Washington, DC metro area. Frontline has multiple church locations, or campuses, in Tysons Corner and Arlington, Virginia and in Silver Spring, Maryland. At the Arlington Campus, our friend Edward Hunt is the campus pastor and leads a creative and innovative team who make church happen each week. Tony Alany is the worship leader, and when he finally puts songs on Itunes, I will have many bright side blogs about his music. Michelle Buckner is the Director of Ministry Teams and has a unique gift for hospitality that makes all of us feel welcome like we are hanging out in someone’s home. Our community is small – about 500 or so people each week – which makes our worship experiences personal and intimate.

Each week we experience a powerful and relevant worship experience with other people in our generation. The past three weeks, our teaching pastor Todd Phillips has been leading us through a series called “The After Party.” Its all about life after death. The first week we talked about death. The second we talked about Hell. Tonight we talked about Heaven. To end the sermon on heaven, we held baptisms.

This was unique because the location where we worship on Mondays is in the basement of a high rise building in one of Northern Virginia’s busiest business districts (Directly across the street from the WJLA building in Rosslyn). We all went outside and watched 5 people profess their belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior for their sins under a moon filled sky on a balmy August night less than a mile from the White House. It was an incredible experience, being outside for this baptism, because of the singing. I kept wondering if people could hear us singing at the Rosslyn metro stop!

Here is a brief look at what tonight was like for us.

(I shot this video on the new Iphone G3S and edited it, party in the Iphone and party with Imovie. Please excuse the “cameo” by my finger! Music by Tony Alany, EmCee by Michelle Marinoble, Campus Pastor performing Baptisms Edward Hunt)

My positioning the crowd didnt let me get great shots of the actual baptism, but I saw my friend and professional photographer Garrett Hubbard snapping some shots from a better angle so maybe he will link to his photos in the comments! 🙂

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