Backpacking to Babylon – Theodore May

I had to share this will yall because I think its so cool and yall may want to check it out.

Theodore May is a reporter for the Global Post and has embarked on a journey to track the steps of Alexander the Great and chronicle the evidence of his influence on the Middle East.  This dude is backpacking through some of the most dangerous and intriguing areas of the world and blogging/tweeting about it along the way.  I am fascinated by this on so many levels.

According to his blog:

I am walking in the footsteps of Alexander the Great through seven countries/territories, over eight months, covering 2,000-plus miles, arriving ultimately in the capital of ancient Babylonia, Babylon, the remains of which are found 50-odd miles south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

And he just started last month so you haven’t missed a ton just yet.  Today he posted a map of his route.

Again, according to his blog:

I’m walking the coast of the Mediterranean, beginning in Turkey, through Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, and Egypt. After crossing Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, I’ll walk down to ancient Memphis (just south of Cairo), before walking up to Alexandria. From Alexandria I’ll make a loop along the coast, through the desert to Siwa Oasis, and then back to Memphis. From there, I’ll skip back to Lebanon, cross the mountains to Damascus, walk up Syria through Homs and Hama, to Aleppo. I’ll then walk down the Euphrates, cut up to southern Turkey (modern-day), and hit the border with Iraq. For the moment, I’ve omitted a line detailing my travels in Iraq. I’ll end in Babylon, just south of Baghdad.

Needless to say, I’ll be following his adventures on twitter and his blog.  If you find this as interesting as I do, please consider following him as well.  I don’t know this person, and only found out about his journey through the Global Post, but in any event I am definitely curious and am excited to see where this road leads him!

Check out the blog here:
Check out the twitter here:

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