Fun Time Friday – I Heart Radio

I love getting my music on at work on Fridays.  Fridays tend to be catch up days, lots of office work, very few meetings. So I typically plug in the IPhone and roll through a playlist or two while catching up on emails.

Today, however, I am trying out a new app called I Heart Radio.  Its pretty cool and here’s why:

1. Its Free

2. Its ALL of Clear Channel’s radio stations, 750 stations!!

3. There are tons of options, for example, you can listen to a particular DJ’s show or you can just listen to the live stream as if you were tuned into the radio.

4. From the app you can tag songs, favorite songs, and even link directly to buy it in ITunes.

So, from the convenience of your IPhone, Droid or other smart phone device, you can jam out to any Clear Channel station in my current hometown like DC101 or HOT 99.5, or take a trip to the West Coast for “KIIS-FM” (Ryan Seacrest’s home), or roll down south with Nashville’s “The River” or my childhood hometown, Memphis, TN K97 or ROCK 103.  No matter where you are you can tune into radio in whichever city you want.  I kind of like that.

Definitely my new favorite app.

Check it out at

3 Comments Add yours

  1. alece says:

    what’s some of your favorite artists/songs these days??

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      Hey there! Sorry it took me 10 years to respond! I am really into Eric Bibb, The Weepies, She and Him, and other singer songwriter type stuff. I can send you a link to my imixes on itunes if you like!

      1. alece says:

        someone just passed some Weepies on to me… i can’t wait to listen. and i’ll have to check out the others, too!

        i’d LOVE the link to your imixes! look at you all high tech! 😉

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