Stepping Heavenward, Cupcake Wars and the Next Food Network Star

So my silence pays tribute to these three… Stepping Heavenward, Cupcake Wars, and the Next Food Network Star.  What can I say?  Summertime has come upon me, a time when I only think of reading pool-side and fine dining table-side.

I am embarrassed to say that I was unaware of Cupcake Wars until watching the Next Food Network Star but I am extremely excited none the less.  I have recently taken to perfecting my cupcake baking skills, a la Magnolia Bakery, so seeing an entire show devoted to the new phenom that has become the cupcakery has me beyond thrilled.  And may I just say, on the subject of cupcakes, that no one has surpassed the cupcake delights I have experienced in my own hometown of Memphis, TN other than Muddy’s Bake Shop on Sanderlin off Mendenhall.  Their “prozac“cupcake absolutely takes the cake!

In any event, the Next Food Network Star has not disappointed.  I am just not yet ready to choose a favorite; however, I do enjoy the fact that Giada is a mentor this season.  Yet I still long more to be the next Susie Fogelson rathar than the Next Food Network Star…  I digress.:-)

I have been spending much time lost in a book or two as of late.  I have read “In the Land of Believers” by Gina Welch, by request of her publicist who sent me a free copy (thank you!), and I am still processing my review.  Stay tuned for that!

I have since picked up”Stepping Heavenward” by Elizabeth Prentiss.  Women, have you read this?  If not, please go out at once and pick up a copy.  This book is fascinating and extremely relevant despite it’s original publishing date (early 1800’s, and I do NOT read books that old).  I will absolutely be publishing a review of this excellent Christian literary work for women, most likely before my review of “In the Land of Believers” in any event, both are soon forthcoming.

The point is that summer is here, and I cannot be more excited to read, relax by the pool, dream of my fall trip to Europe and to ponder my next Food Network Star audition tape that shall never be made.  Did you know that I once sent a tape in for the Real World?  Had I been selected I would have been on the Real World New Orleans.  Did I even get an acknowledgment of my tape?  No.  But hey, at least I tried!  🙂

Ok, that is all.  Just wanted to check in and let you know that I was still alive.

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