Pancake Saturday {Cooking Adventures: Day 6}

Saturdays are for two things: sleeping in and eating pancakes.

When I was little, I spent Friday nights at my Me-Maw’s house. Every Saturday morning she made me chocolate-chip pancakes. She would mix up the batter but she would let me help. I would scoot a kitchen table chair up next to where she stood at the stove and she would let me pour some batter in the skillet and drop a few chocolate chips in the batter. These sweet memories are my earliest memories of cooking.

I still love chocolate chip pancakes and make them often. When I married Brian, I was so happy that he, too, felt passionate about the Pancake Saturday tradition. I’ve made him pancakes so much over the last seven years that he now claims that I make the best pancakes. We will eat out pancakes and he will say “they are not as good as yours.” Perhaps because mine are made with love, or perhaps my husband understands exactly how to make deposits in my love bank. Either way, I adore Pancake Saturdays and I must credit that to my Me-Maw establishing the tradition for me so many years ago.

I am almost positive that my Me-Maw used Bisquick for her Pancakes. I know my momma uses Bisquick. So do I.  Some things just don’t need to be reinvented and Bisquick has perfected the pancake. They don’t even keep it a secret, the recipe is right there on the box.

The next time you buy a box, check the back for their pancake recipe. (Be sure you get the original Bisquick not this new “Complete” version that is really not as good). Then read the fine print where it talks about “light and fluffy” pancakes. The recipe adds baking powder and lemon juice. I don’t know the science here but those two react and create a lovely consistency in the pancakes. Try it, you will like it!

Two things I do that seem to give the pancakes that little something extra: cook them with butter in a cast iron skillet. The skillet gives the pancakes a nice golden crispy outside. We actually use Smart Balance instead of butter but either way, drop a pat in the skillet before each pour and get a nice buttery flavor with every bite. Be sure not to get the skillet too hot and always use a paper towel to wipe out the skillet after each batch to keep the golden-brown pancakes from turning golden-black!

Finally, in my opinion, you must use real maple syrup on your pancakes. Anything else simply ruins the experience. I prefer this kind of maple syrup:

I hope I have inspired you to make pancakes today. Make some for someone you love. Use Bisquick.

As for me, I will be dropping a few chocolate chips in my pancakes this Saturday, in honor of my Me-Maw and tradition.

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  1. Stephanie Norris says:

    One of my earliest food memories, too! Love Memaw and her pancakes…I think I will make my kids some choco chip pancakes in her honor this weekend, too! (Our secret is using the mini chips – so good!)

  2. Loving this series. Your first post cracked me up…I can’t imagine you not knowing how to cook!!

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