I love eggs. Eggs are a super food. They are good for you and taste delicious. There are many ways to prepare eggs and I like them in all varieties: boiled, scrambled, over easy, over hard, poached, and any other way you can prepare them.

In my experience, if frying or scrambling, its very important to prepare an egg in the proper pan.

You will see this month that I am a huge proponent of the cast iron skillet. However, I recommend that you never ever use a cast iron skillet to cook an egg. It’s too easy to mess it up I think. The pan may get too hot or the egg may stick to the pan. It’s just not worth the uncertainty.

The best way to fry an egg is to use a non-stick skillet. If you are anti non-stick pans, which I totally understand, then be sure to either use Pam or some kind of grease in your stainless steel skillet before cooking your eggs or you will be scrubbing your pan for days!

How do you like your eggs?

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