Gadgets and Other Fun Kitchen Toys {Cooking Adventures: Day 11}

Here is a quick run-down of my favorite kitchen toys and gadgets.

Meat Thermometer – I wrote about this before on the blog.  There is nothing worse than overcooked meat.  This can be easily avoided with a good digital thermometer.  I use mine every single time I cook meat and it works like a charm.

Silpat – Using a tool like this just makes you feel more fancy in the kitchen. I use mine for cookies and when I roast veggies, like butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  They are a tiny bit expensive but last forever and a fun gift for the cook in your life!

Lemon-Lime Juicer – This one deserves a photo.  Isn’t it pretty?  Much more fun to use this than kill your hands squeezing citrus. Garlic Press – These are a pain to clean but the results are worth it. I use mine about 5 times a week.  We have no threat of vampires at my house!

Basting Brush – I don’t like mine but I use it regularly. This is the one I want.  You use it for brushing olive oil or marinades or pan juices.  Its essential.

Mallet – For flattening chicken breasts but also handy for crushing nuts, graham crackers or candies in a zip lock bag.

The following are not necessarily fun or gadgets but are essential tools in my kitchen:

Chinet paper plates –  for prep work. Especially helpful if you only have one cutting board.

Zip-lock bags – I really can’t live without these. I store everything from half-used produce to leftover salad to LucyKate’s frozen puree’s and more.  Quart and Gallon sizes can be purchased at Costco in bulk and will last for ages.

Cling Wrap – I only use this for pounding chicken. But I pound alot of chicken!

Parchment Paper – Really helpful when baking something on a cookie sheet you dont want to stick to foil, like a meatloaf.

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets and tools?

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