New Year, New Job, New Attitude, New Perspective

A few updates… I started my new job at McLean Bible Church full time on January 2, 2008.  It is for this reason that it’s taken me 11 days to post a new blog!  Now that I have my feet under me in the new gig, I plan on returning to my regular posts. 

A few brief thoughts on the new job…  I love it.  I am so happy to be here.  I have an awesome team.  We are growing… we need a graphic designer!  We are streamlining… we need a software solution to automate printing requests in our copy center.  We are starting new projects and dreaming big dreams.  We launch our second community campus in 8 days.  Plans for more are already underway. 

While I feel I’ve been drinking from a fire hose, I am not deterred by the enormity of task before me.  God has called me here. That I know without hesitation.  I am so excited to watch as His plans to involve me in all the amazing things happening here begin to unfold.  I am humbly honored that He chose me.  The work is so fulfilling.  I still can’t believe I get to collaborate with this incredibly talented staff. 

I firmly believe that every experience I’ve had up to this point has prepared me for this task, but by no means am I equipped to go at it alone.  God is my strength, my shield, my energy, my innovation, my creativity, my determination, my positivity, my ideas, my follow-through… my ALL.  And apart from Him, I can do NO THING.

I attend Frontline Arlington on Monday nights.  When I first was hired, I saw Todd Phillips the same night at church.  We spoke briefly about the new role, and as I shared my enthusiasm and excitement with him, I will never forget what he said.  

“It doesn’t feel like a job, does it?” 

No it doesn’t.  It feels like I am operating in perfect harmony with who God created me to be, what he created me to do for His glory, and how He designed me to fit perfectly into the Body of Christ.

I say all this as a testimony to God.  All glory and honor go to Him for what he is doing at McLean Bible Church and how He is using all of us to impact Washington, D.C. and the world for Christ Jesus. 

We truly serve a Prayer Hearing, Prayer Answering and Wonder Working God! 

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  1. johntalks says:

    We looked at hiring a Graphic Designer, but it saved us so much money to hire out a contract labor person. We use Justin Williams out of Dallas. Very talented. Does most the stuff on our website. We just pay him by the job or by the hour and give him due dates. You should think about it.

    Justin Williams – 901-596-3612 – to see his stuff

  2. AnnieLaurie says:

    Thanks John! We have 5 contractors we work with in addition to our full time designers. We really need someone on site. if you know of anyone looking, let me know!!

  3. Shannon D. Stewart says:

    I know exactly what you mean when you say that your job does not feel like a job. I went back to work part-time this week. I sat at my desk and “worked”. But I can honestly say that it did not feel like work. I feel like my work with CASA is exactly where God wants me to be. I know that I am doing exactly what He created me to do. Do you know how many people are out there that HATE their jobs and only stay there because they have to pay bills. Don’t get me wrong, Jon and I have bills too, but I feel God’s pleasure when I have a conversation with one of our volunteers who has helped to keep a child with their family or to keep them from going back to family who hurt them. I feel God’s pleasure when I write a letter to the mayor asking for the city to consider giving $$ to CASA during the budget process. And you had better believe that I feel God’s pleasure when I stand up in front of the city council/county commission/or anyone who is considering giving our program $ so we can continue to do what we do every day. Making the difference in the lives of children, to infinity and beyond….just like you said.

  4. Linda Sappington says:

    I was looking for a review on “27 Dresses” but instead erroneously typed in 17 dresses and here I am. Well, here’s the God-thing in all this. A worship leader from your church (Ben Lashey) will be leading workshops at the National Church Music Conference in April in Indianapolis. I’ll be there photographing and writing about it for their Web site.
    Your church looks amazing (Web site, again) and I am excited to learn new things for our little praise team at Pablo Christian Church.
    Bless you for choosing to serve our awesome God, and for sharing your heart on your blog site.
    Live amazed!

    Linda Sappington
    Ronan, Montana

    Psalms 42:8

  5. AnnieLaurie says:

    Hey Linda- That is really neat! I love God’s network!! 🙂 I know you will enjoy Ben what a fun connection! Do you have a blog? If you let us know!

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