To Infinity…. and Beyond!!

The Frontline Global Impact coordinators team is reading A.W. Tozer’s “The Attributes of God.”  Chapter one is about God’s infinitude.   

As I was reading today, I was particularly struck by a statement Tozer makes about salvation:  “The Church will come out of her doldrums when we find out that salvation is not a light bulb only, that it is not an insurance policy against hell only, but that it is a gateway into God and that God is all that we would have and can desire.”  

Tozer goes on to say “… when you get into God, “with Christ in God,” then you’re on a journey into infinity, into infinitude… where there are numberless experiences and spiritual epochs and crises that can take place in your life while you are journeying out into the heart of God in Christ.”  

In this chapter, Tozer often quotes from a book written 600 years ago by Lady Julian of Norwich:   “I saw that God is to us everything that is good and comfortable.  He is  our clothing; His love wrappeth us and claspeth us and all encloseth us for His tender love, that He may never leave us, being to us all that is good.” 

I can’t stop thinking about this concept… that Salvation is a gateway into God.  That this gateway leads to all that we would have and can desire.  I ask myself, is God *really* all to me that is good and comfortable? Am I wrapped, clasped and enclosed into Him like clothing? 

I long to see passed the “utilitarian heaven” where golden streets lead to Hollywood style mansions, with luxury cars and gourmet accessories and, instead, be consumed with the vision Lady Julian had of heaven, that “heaven will be heaven because the Trinity will fill our hearts with “joy without end… everlasting love and joy and bliss.” 

What does that mean to you?  What does this look like in the life of a 21st century, post-modern, American believer? How can we, as the Body of Christ, move into and beyond the vast infinitude of God’s numberless perfect attributes?   

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  1. Lesley Roth says:

    Hey, AnnieLaurie…so glad to hear your passion at your “new” job at McClean. It’s great to hear how God is moving and you are moving w/him! Though I’m sure you might advise me otherwise, I feel the same about WV right now–God calling me there ect. You want to pinch yourself in those moments, eh? I’m thrilled for you!

    Anyway-3 quick things about your post today–1) have you seen The Great Debaters? If not, see it. A young Tozer is one of the characters. Excellent movie. 2) I used to attend college in Norwich and spent a lot of time at Julian’s “cell”–amazing to see her quoted–she was a very interesting anchorite. 3) Good questions you pose…what does that true joy look like? I think you described it well in your description of your excitement to know you are in God’s will with your new job. Sheer joy!! 🙂


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