Trapped in a Box

I posted this pic on Facebook earlier today. This is where poor Mrs Potato Head lives these days. I look at her and feel her pain. When I tried to come up with a quality blog post I kept thinking of her and how that is how my brain feels: trapped in a plastic box!

We invested in sound machines for our rooms earlier this year while we were living with another family. With all the liveliness going on with three little girls running around, two dogs and two pregnant ladies, sound machines were essential for naps and nighttime sleep.

Now that we’re in our own home we are still using the sound machines. All three bedrooms have one and we keep them all on ocean waves.

So last night those waves must’ve really influenced my dreams because I dreamt of the ocean. Somehow my random sleeping subconscious connected the sound of waves to the Counting Crows song “Miami” which led to a very strange dream about South Beach being under water and being on vacation with Adam Duritz (Counting Crows lead singer for those who may not know). How random is that? Probably as random as this blog post!

I had a long day. First day “back to work” on my own with the kiddos since my parents drove home to TN yesterday after a long visit. So suffice it to say I am a bit behind with the writing.

Never fear, the weekend is here and I have big plans to stock up on blog posts while the hubs is around to help chase the babies.

By the way, my LucyKate turns two on Saturday! Where oh where does the time go? We had big plans to go to the national zoo to celebrate. Alas that will not be happening since all national parks are on lockdown and the remnants of a tropical storm are parked on top of the DC metro area and are forecast to stay here forever. Not really, just through the weekend, which will seem like forever cooped up in the house for days.

I feel bad that this is such a Seinfeld post “about nothing.” But for today this is all I’ve got.

Thanks for sticking with me!


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